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Croatia has 1185 islands, only 66 of them are inhabited. The good point is that even when you live in Croatia there is always an island you have not visited yet.

Today I’ll take you to the island of Prvić in front of Šibenik. Since my husband and I live in Split we take the highway to Šibenik, that’s the fastest way, 1h00 and we paid 3 euros for the toll. If we would go along the coast it would take us 1h30 if there is no traffic.

Once we arrive in Šibenik we park the car on the harbor, right next to the place where the boat docks. It is next to the gas station, between the bus station and the cathedral. There are many toll parkings in the town of Šibenik, this one costs 5 kn per hour, that’s about 0.70 euros.

Then we buy our tickets at the office of the Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija situated 20 m away when you follow the direction of the cathedral.

The boat stops at two villages on the island of Prvić. Since they are only 2 km away one from each other, we take a one-way ticket to Prvić Luka and the way back from Šepurine. The round-trip ticket costs 34 kn per person, which is about 5 euros. The boat leaves at 1.30 pm, that leaves us a little time to take a walk in the town.

It takes 45 minutes to reach the island of Prvić. When we leave Šibenik with the boat we have a beautiful view on the cathedral and the 3 fortresses that have been for centuries protecting the town: St Michael, St John and Šubičevac.

We enter then the canal of Šibenik. On the left side we can see a military base from the Yugoslavian times, and on the right side  the bathing place of Šibenik called Jadrija.

Then we pass the fortress of St Nicholas, an impresive building that used to control the access to the town by the sea. Today the fortress is used for concerts or weddings.

We make a first stop at Zlarin on the island of the same name.

We make a quick stop at Zlarin, a few passengers leave the boat. There is no car on the island of Zlarin, it’s the same on the island of Prvić, that’s why you will see a few golf carts. Some prefer to use tillers…

At 2.15 pm we arrive at Prvić island, we leave the boat at Prvić Luka. The boat leaves then to reach the second village on the island, Šepurine, and then it is back on the mainland at Vodice.

Like any good Dalmatian we stop at the first terrace to have a coffee and enjoy the sun.

Then we take a walk in the village. We were quite impressed by the beauty of the houses, so many beautiful stone houses that have just been renovated or are under construction.

It is very different from the style of houses on the coast since most of them remain unfinished. Here people invest in the outside part of the house and in the front yard which is not in the habits of the Dalmatians.

Then we continue to Šepurine, on foot of course since there is no car on the island. The only vehicle that we saw is the fire truck. It takes 15 minutes to reach Šepurine.

There are a few bars and restaurants in the village, just like in Prvić Luka. On the way to the village we pass in front of a beach of sand and pebbles that is deserted in this beginning of June.

Actually people from the island told us that even in July and August beaches are not crowded. Since the island is not known from the tourists, the only visitors you can find here are Croatians.

It’s a great idea to vist the island if you are looking to escape from the crowd.
We leave Šepurine with the last boat at 6:10 pm and arrive in Šibenik at 7:15 pm.

What a better way to end such a lovely day by having a glass of champagne on a beautifu terrace with the light of the sun going down (yes in Dalmatia the sun goes down at 20:30 in the summer).

Back in Šibenik, we put an end at such a nice day by having dinner at restaurant Pelegrini located just in front of the cathedral.

Not only that it’s at a perfect location, but Rudi the owner has a real passion for what he does and his dishes are truly unique.

I chose the homemade pasta pappardelles with truffle sauce and smoked ham … a delight!

It is definetely one of the best restaurants in Croatia!

More information about schedules and prices of boats on the website of the Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija.


Written in: June 2014


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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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