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When entering in Šibenik you could be surprised by the old concrete buildings and the sadness they release.

Yet Šibenik is a city that knows a significant development and a real modernization these last few years.

You will have to go to the center, to the old town, the heart of the city, to discover the treasure hidden there: the Saint James’ cathedral listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.





What to see in Šibenik


1 – Cathedral of Saint James

Saint James’ Cathedral is an amazing monument that was built during the 15th-16th century. We owe it to two great artists of that time: Juraj Dalmatinac (George the Dalmatian) and Nikola Firentinac (Nicolas of Florence).

The recent renovation of the extern part of the cathedral gave back to the white stone its original splendor.


– Frieze of 72 portraits –

One of the reasons that made the cathedral so famous is the frieze of 72 stone portraits on the exterior part of the apse.

It was realised by George the Dalmatian and it represents some of his contemporaries.  One single woman is represented, it is the fourth face from the left on the third picture (she wears a bun), this is actually his daughter.


– The cupola –

The roof and the dome are as well an amazing part of the cathedral.

They were made using a special technique that allows blocks of stone to be embedded into each other without requiring any seal.

From inside the cathedral you may notice that a part of the cupola is much lighter than the rest. It was actually damaged during the last war and was rebuilt with the famous white stone from the island of Brač.


– The baptistery –

On the right side of the altar do not miss to visit the baptistery. It is a real masterpiece that was created by George the Dalmatian.


2 – The statue of George the Dalmatian

In front of the cathedral you will see the statue of Juraj Dalmatinac who admires his work.

He also signed his work on a stone parchment surrounded by two angels on the side of the cathedral, and wrote that he is responsible for the realisation of the cathedral, even if he died before its completion.


3 – City hall

The arcaded building which is located on the side of the cathedral used to be the city hall.

Weddings still take place here. There is now a restaurant on the ground floor.



What to do in Šibenik


1 – Enjoy the view from Saint Michael’s fortress

The fortress of Saint Michael is better known as the fortress of Saint Ana.

From the cathedral take the stairs situated on each side of the town hall. You will have there a magnificent view on the town and on the islands.


2 – Stroll through the narrow streets

Get lost in the narrow streets around the cathedral. You will fell like transported to the Middle Ages.



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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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