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The old town of Zadar is situated on a small peninsula. You will visit there the most valuable monuments of the town.

Don’t miss to visit two unique attractions: Zadar’s sea organ and the Greeting to the sun.






What to see in Zadar


1 – Land gate

The land gate is the main entrance to the city. It has the form of a triumphal arch with a central passage for vehicles, and two smaller side arches for pedestrians.

Notice the winged lion on the top, that reminds us that Zadar has belonged for centuries to the Venetian Republic.


2 – Church of saint Donatus

The church of St Donatus is dedicated to the bishop St Donatus, yet at its creation in the 9th century it was consecrated to the Blessed Trinity.

Stone blocks and columns dating back from Roman times were used during its construction. Stand in front of the chuch and look at the base of the church to see them.

The interior of the church is empty. It is not used anymore for masses, but thanks to the acoustic it is used today as a concert hall.


3 – Forum

Like many Dalmatian towns Zadar was for centuries a Roman city.

In front of St Donatus church you will see the foundations of monuments and shops that were on the forum, the heart of every Roman town.


4 – Cathedral of saint Anastasia

The bell tower that you can see next to St Donatus church actually belongs to the cathedral.

The cathedral is dedicated to St Anastasia who is one of the holy protectors of the city.


5 – Church of saint Mary

Take a few minutes to enter inside the church of Saint Mary and have a look at its Rococo style.


6 – People’s square

People’s square is the main square of the town. You’ll see there many interesting monuments from very different eras.

Stand in front of the building of the municipal guard, you will notice holes in its front wall, the purpose was to place guns.
On the opposite side you will see an outdoor tribunal where everyone could attend to the judgment from the square.
Take a few steps on the left and have a look at the Ghirardini’s palace and its beautiful Gothic-Renaissance balcony.
The modern building that is situated on the square is the town hall.


What to do in Zadar


1 – Sea organ – Listen to the song of the sirens

  • The Land Gate to the Old City of Zadar, Croatia, erected in 1543, Renaissance style with the Venetian winged lion over its arch.

Have a seat on the steps of the Sea organ at the end of the Riva and listen to the song of the sirens

As a church organ the sea organ is made of pipes, except that in this case it is the coming and going of the waves that compresses air into the pipes, and the sea itself creates this sublime music at any time of day or night.
Notice how the sound is amplified by the passage of bigger boats that increase waves and the compression of the air in the pipes.
Sit on the steps of the Sea organ in the evening, at the time of sunset, when everything becomes quiet and listen to its sweet music is such an unforgettable memory. This is a must see!


2 – Greeting to the sun

Right next to the Sea organ is the Greeting to the sun.

Small solar panels assembled in a 22 meters diameter circle capture the energy of the sun during the day and releases it at night into an amazing show of light, and thus offers a different show every night. This is unique, dont’ miss it!



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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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