Buy in Croatia

Are you looking for a second home abroad?
Would you like to retire under the sun?
Or do you simply wish to leave the stress of everyday life and start all over again?

Then Croatia is the country for you!

Buy real estate in Croatia sounds great, but you sure have many questions about it: who to contact, how to solve the problem of language, who to trust?

I live in Croatia and I offer to help you find Your ideal property.

Contact me at and let me know about your dream property and your budget. I will put you in touch with a real estate agency based in Croatia, which I fully trust and who will propose you some properties you should like.


Why to invest in Croatia?

Croatia is part of the European Union since the 1st of July 2013. and offers now a free movement of persons by removing the boundaries that used to separate it from other parts of Europe. You are now at home in Croatia!


Croatia compare to another country?


Croatia is located in Southern Europe, between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. It is just a few hours by plane from most of the European capitals.

To know the exact distance that separates you from Croatia, I would recommend you to use the excellent site Viamichelin where you can as well check the best itinerary to reach your destination.


The coast and the islands in Croatia enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Hot summers and mild winters. Let’s say about 10 C (50 F) in winter, 30 C (86 F) in summer. However there are so many sunny days that you can enjoy being outside almost all year long.


Croatia is really a safe country. There are very little crime problems and you can walk day or night without fear of being assaulted.


Croatia is a country where 90% of the population declare themselves Catholics. Its culture is similar to the culture of Western European countries and you will not feel any culture shock when entering the country.

Total change of scenery

This is one of the things we seek when visiting a country, a change od scenery.

The Croatian landscape with its rocky coast and clear blue sea, its cuisine mix of different gastronomies from Eastern Europe to Italy, and its inhabitants with their strange language will give you the impression of being far away from your own country, wherever you are from.


What is the cost of living in Croatia?

Don’t think about Croatia as a very cheap country. Even if salaries are quite low, cost of living can often be compared to the one of Western Europe. The price of food in supermarkets is about the same. As well as fuel. But it is for sure cheaper to have a drink at the bar, or entertainements as going to the movies or to the disco.


Are Croatian people friendly ?

Tourist often complain about the lack of kindness of sellers in shop or supermarkets, or waiters in bars and restaurants, and therefore make it a generality about Croatian courtesy.

I think that one of the main reasons is the low salaries, let’s say around 300 euros for a person who works in a supermarket, 500 euros for a waiter. So we can understand that they are not always smiling. Besides that Croatian people are charming, welcoming and generous. They like to meet and talk with strangers. Even if they do not know your language they will do their best to communicate.


What is the price of a real estate property in Croatia?

The price of real estate in Croatia depends on the property itself and the place where it is situated.

Regarding the additional expenses agencies usually charge 5% commission + 25% VAT on the commission. By becoming owner of real estate in Croatia you will also pay a 5% tax on the price of the property. This represents a total of 11.25% that you must add to the price of the property.


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Post by: Delphine Pavlak