If you are not only about spending your holidays in Croatia at the beach, you should know that there are great possibilities for the practice of sports.

I am not talking only about basic sports as walking, bicycling, or fishing, but as well as nautical or water sports as diving and even extreme sports as rock climbing, rafting, canyoning, cliff jumping or skydiving.


Rafting, canyoning and cliff jumping

You wish to try something new during your vacation in Croatia, then use this opportunity to try one of these sports that will give you a real adrenaline rush and great fun!

Rafting and canyoning to refresh yourself at the Cetina river. Rock climbing and cliff jumping are as well a great way to spend a day in Split.



What about discovering the beautiful Cetina canyon on a total different way!

This 2100 meters zipline is a unique experience to spend 3 hours on 8 zipline wires above the Cetina river. Adrenaline rush and magnificent views on the surrounding landscapes.


Sea kayaking

No experience is needed to spend a few hours on a sea kayak and discover the town from the sea.

Beach, swim and snorkeling are part of the program.


River canoe

What a better way to escape the crowd on the beach than to spend a day at the river?

No experience is needed to use a canoe and it will get you a lot of fun!



If you know how to ride a bike then try one of these activities!

You will discover great places on a total different way, and with a lot of fun.


Fishing and big game fishing

If you fancy fishing than you are on the right place!

From kayak fishing, boat fishing or even big game fishing, you will find a way to spend a perfect day.


Diving and snorkeling

Spend a wonderful day under the sea!

Either you choose snorkeling or diving you will for sure go back home with great memories.

Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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