It’s from Croatia that I am writing to you,
after I fell in love with a Croatian and later with his country.
Let me tell you everything about Croatia,
a little paradise hidden in Southern Europe.

Croatia, it’s the warm and clear sea,
the food, a mix of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe cuisines,
so many good wines to enjoy,
the charm of its inhabitants and their strange language,
Croatia guarantees a total change of scenery.

So many questions when you don’t know the country;
when is the best season, where to go, what to see,
what are the typical dishes and what to take back home,
let me answer here to all these questions
to make your stay an unforgettable memory.


Interactive map of Croatia


10 Questions / Answers about Croatia

Why shall I choose Croatia?

Croatia is very close from most of the European capitals : 1 hour from Rome, 2 hours from Paris, 2.30 hours from Madrid and London by plane.
Croatian language and culture will make you feel far away from home.
The sea is pure and crystal clear, its temperature reaches 27 C / 80 F during the summer.
Either you like to spend your vacations doing cultural visits, discover typical villages, national parks, walk in the nature or relax at the beach, Croatia is the perfect destination for you.

What is the best season to go to Croatia?

On the coast the weather is sunny from April to October, but prefer June to September if you intend to swim. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you leave.

Can I pay in Euro?

Even if Croatia is part of the European Union since July 2013, Croatian money is still the Kuna.
However, in some places you will have the possibility to pay in Euros, like on the markets for souvenirs.
Can we pay on the highway in Euros?
Yes you can pay in Euros or with a credit card on the Croatian highways.

Shall I change some money before my departure?

No, the best is to change money once in Croatia, at the airport, in any bank or exchange office. You can as well take some cash from ATM machines, on that way you will directly get Croatian Kunas.
But in this case check your limit with your bank.

What's the best deal, hotel or private accommodation?

Most of the hotels have been renovated this last few years and today Croatia has a lot of very nice 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels.
If your budget does not allow you to stay in a hotel or if you are looking for more privacy, I advise you then to reserve a private accommodation. An apartment, a villa or just a room will give you much more privacy for much less money.

How is the road network?

Very good. A lot of work has been done the last few years and we constantly work on the expansion and renovation of the roads. The highway crosses now the country from west to east and from north to south.
Do you know that Croatia is separated in two parts by the town of Neum situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina? So when you go south to Dubrovnik you will have to exit the Croatian Highway at Ploče, a town by the sea, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. This represents just a few kilometres, Neum is situated 70 km north of Dubrovnik and 35 km south of Ploče.

Is English spoken?

Yes, most of the Croatian do speak English. Younger people speaks English fluently.

Is it a safe country?

Yes, very safe. Even in big towns we don’t hear much about delinquency. We can walk by day or by night without any fear of being attacked.

Are there any sandy beaches?

Not many. On the coast you will find rocky and pebble beaches. Most of the sandy beaches are situated on the islands.

What about diving?

Thanks to its crystal clear sea and warm temperatures, Croatia is perfect for diving.
You will find many diving centers along the coast and on the islands. They will offer you to go scuba diving or just initiate you to that sport.
Otherwise you should know that the sea is so clear that a simple mask and snorkel will ensure hours of fun. Just by swimming near the rocks you will see all kinds of small fishes, shellfishes, sea urchins and starfishes.


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