2016Dobar dan! (Hello in Croatian) 😉

My name is Delphine Pavlak and I am from France.

After studying tourism, and a wish to discover new countries and new cultures, I decided to leave France and make this dream come true. During one of my trips I met the One I felt in love with, before even knowing his nationality… ‘I am from Croatia‘, he told me.

What did I know about Croatia in the year 2000? Absolutely nothing! I surely tried to remember my history classes but during the 90’s when we were supposed to learn about Yugoslavia, and the war that just began, our teacher decided to skip this ‘complicated subject’.

In 2001 I moved with Marko to Croatia, in his native village of Primošten on the Dalmatian coast. A true paradise by the sea. This is where I learned Croatian language while living with his family. A year and a half later I was speaking fluently Croatian, even if I believed that I was never gone managed to make a sentence in this language that seemed so complicated to me.

My first job in Croatia (if I do not count the first two summers working at the family restaurant) was to work as a tour guide. During 3 years I went through Croatia from Istria to Dubrovnik, from Zagreb to the Dalmatian islands. I improved my knowledge of the culture, history, gastronomy to be unbeatable on my new country and to answer to the questions of my clients.

Then I have been working 5 years in a travel agency in Split, specialized in booking accommodation in Croatia. So I developed my knowledge on the good and bad parts of different types of accommodation in order to advise each person looking for a holiday in Croatia.

After five years in this agency I felt that I was not using my knowledge of the country. I noticed as well that most French people knew very little about Croatia, and websites in French language had primary purpose of selling a product before giving practical information for visitors. That is why I decided to create a web site that would give specific and concrete information about Croatia, a site that would allow me to share my experience and answer to the questions of anybody looking to spend holidays in Croatia. This is how I created encroatie.com in 2010 in French language.
In 2015 I translated it in English and that’s how I created one-croatia.com.

In September 2012 I gave birth to our twin daughters Sara and Elena, and in February 2014 to our third daughter Marina, we enjoy to share with them our different cultures and languages.

I hope you will enjoy my web site and you will find answers to your questions, and that you will improve your knowledge about Croatia and have a desire to return as soon as possible. If you have not found answers to your questions, or if you just want to share your experience or discuss about Croatia, please feel free to send me an e-mail to info@one-croatia.com. I’d be happy to answer to you as soon as possible.