Štrukli with cheese – Štrukli sa sirom

Here is a typical dish of Croatian cuisine, coming from the region of Zagorje. This region is situated north of Zagreb, and its continental climate is characterized by cold and snowy winters.

Štrukli sa sirom have the shape of small pillows very comforting during cold periods. They are stuffed with fresh cheese and baked in the oven. A dish to enjoy in the winter with a good glass of red wine from Zagorje.


Recipe for 10 štrukli

Preparation: 30 mn
Rising time: 30 mn
Baking time: 35 mn


250 g flour
1 egg
100 ml warm water

500 g fresh cheese
1 egg
3 g salt

500 ml cooking cream (liquid)
1 egg

1. All the ingredients are here. Let’s start!

2. Mix the flour and salt. Make a well and put the egg in the middle, mix well while adding the water.

Knead the dough very well for several minutes until it becomes smooth.

Shape the dough into a ball. Coat the surface with a little bit of oil. Cover with a clean dishtowel and let stand about 30 minutes at room temperature.

3. Roll out the dough into a 50 × 50 cm square (not less). Spread a little bit of oil..

4. Mix together fresh cheese + salt + egg and spread out the cheese mixture evenly over the dough.
Roll up the dough.

5. Cut the dough into 5cm large pieces using the rim of a plate.

7. Spread a bit of oil in a baking dish. Place the štrukli inside.

Mix together the cooking cream + egg + salt and pour the mixture on the top of the štrukli.

8. Bake in the oven for 30-35 mn at 200 C (400 F). Enjoy!

Bon appétit ! Dobar tek !


Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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