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Paklenica National Park is situated in the mountain of Velebit, near the town of Zadar.

It is situated in both regions of Kvarner and North Dalmatia.

This park is the place you have to visit in Croatia if you fancy rock climbing.




Paklenica National Park is well known to all rock climbers.

Anića Kuk is the most famous rock in Croatia. The rock has a height of over 300 meters, and its complexity made it famous in the world of rock climbing.

The most interesting parts of the park are surely the impressive canyons of Velika (large) Paklenica and Mala (small) Paklenica.

The canyon of Velika Paklenica is14 km long and 500 to 800 m wide. In its narrowest part the canyon is only 50 m wide. Vertical cliffs rise above both sides of the canyon up to a 700 m height.

The canyon of Mala Paklenica is smaller and the stream flowing through it is much less powerful. It is 12 km long and 400 to 500 m wide. In its narrowest part it is only 10 meters wide while the surrounding cliffs rise to a height of 650 m.

The transition between these two canyons is made of karst rocks and quite inaccessible cliffs.

The national park also consists of numerous rivers and caves.


Regarding flora the park counts 1.000 species and sub-species plants, 79 of them are endemic.

In terms of fauna the park counts 230 species of birds including eagles, hawks and owls, 53 species of mammals including deer, chamois, wild boar, bear, wolf and lynx.

To access the park you have to go to the town of Starigrad Paklenica, which is located 50 km north of Zadar.

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