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  Private Accommodation In Croatia

Book a private accommodation in Croatia is in my opinion one of the best choice for many reasons:

Private accommodation is much cheaper than the hotel. Count in July and August at least 50-70 euros per person for a 3 star hotel in Croatia, rent an apartment will cost you about 70 euros for 4 people, but the price actually depends on the location and the apartment itself.

To book a private accommodation gives you the possibility to know more about the Croatian way of life. Many people make their own olive oil, their wine or brandy. Some of them also have a small boat that they use for fishing. They often have a fruit tree with figs, pomegranates, lemon or oranges. If you stay with them they will be proud to make you taste all the typical products of the region. And nobody is better qualified to advise you on visits and excursions than the residents themselves.

To rent an apartment or a room does not mean that you actually stay at the house of the owner. If the apartment or room is in the owners house there is usually a  private entrance, so you will not end up face to face with the owners every time you return to the house. But most of the time the owner does not live in the house but nearby.

– Moreover, you will find to book a private accommodation everywhere in Croatia. Whether you want to stay on the mainland, on an island, in a big city or in a small village, near a national park or an airport … you will have no problem to find an accommodation. Croatian have understood the financial interest that brings tourism and do not hesitate to enlarge their house to create a room or apartment that they rent during the summer.


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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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