Cost of living

Many people ask me about the cost of living in Croatia, and how much their holidays will cost them. Let me give you the price of most of the expenses you should have during your vacation in Croatia.



The price of the accommodation in Croatia depends on:
– the period of your holiday (of course it will not be the same price in August and October)
– the place where you stay (in which town or village)
– the distance to the sea
– and the type of accommodation.

Let me give you approximate prices for a stay in July-August:

Private accommodation

Private accommodation in Croatia is a great deal! You can rent an apartment (per night, no obligation to book the whole week) for about 50 euros for 2 persons, 70 euros for 4 persons, 90 euros for 6 persons.

If you book just a room then it will cost less, let’s say 40 euros for 2 persons. The breakfast is usually proposed for an extra of 5 euros per person, the Croatian breakfast usually consists of cold cuts and cheeses.


The price of a 3 star hotel is about 50-70 euros per person per night, 100-120 euros per person per night in a 4 star hotel and more for a 5 star hotel.

Be aware as well that if you book a hotel in Dubrovnik will not cost the same price as a 3 star hotel in a small seaside village.


To spend your holiday in a camping will cost you from 4 to 10 euros per person per night, depending on the location and category of the campsite.

Tourist tax

You should add the tourist tax to the price of your accommodation. Whether you spend your vacation at a hotel, camping or private accommodation you will have to pay for it.

The price of the tourist tax is around 1 euro per person per day. Children between 12 and 18 years old pay half the price. And kids under 12 do not pay the tourist tax.

But actually if you book a private accommodation (house, apartment, studio, room), it will be most of the time incuded in the price. Only owners of private accommodation with maximum 4 beds have the right to charge it. If they have more than 4 beds they must include it in the price of the accommodation.



Rent a car

If you rent a car I advise you to do so with this agency. Prices are from 37 euros per day in July and August, insurance included! You can get your car from most of the towns and airports in Croatia. It’s a great deal!


You should add the price of gasoline to the price of the car your rent. Check the prices on the website of the Croatian Automobile Club.


If you intend to use the highway, then don’t forget to add the price of the tolls. To check how much will the tolls cost you, go to the website of the Croatian Motorways.

Rent a scooter

The scooter is often the ideal way of transportation to visit the islands. Go to the nearest rent a car agency when you arrive on the island, you will find one in every tourist place. Expect to pay about 33 euros to rent a scooter for the day.

Rent a boat

You will be able to rent a small motor boat for the day in most of tourist towns and villages on the coast and on the islands in Croatia.

But you should know that in Croatia you must have a boat license to operate a motor boat, whatever its length. If you do not have a boat license you will need to hire a skipper.

About the price to rent a boat, let’s say about 160 euros per day for a 5 meter long motor boat for up to 6 persons. And about 50 to 80 euros for the skipper.

Ferries and fast boats

You will find timetables and prices of ferries and fast boats on the website of the Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija.

For example, to get to the island of Hvar from Split:
if you have a vehicle you should take the ferry from Split to Stari Grad. It wil cost you about 5 euros per person and 35 euros for the car.
if you do not have any vehicle then take the fast boat from Split to the town of Hvar, it will cost you about 6 euros per person.


Buses in Croatia run to all towns and villages all day long, every day, even during the night. About the price of the bus ride let’s say between 0.07 euros and 0.10 euros per km.
For example Zagreb – Split will cost you about 22 euros, Split – Dubrovnik 16 euros but actually prices depend of the bus company. So when you take the bus better check the prices of all companies, you could save some money by moving the time of departure for an hour or two.

Airport transfer

Airports are in general situated 30 mins drive from the town they belong. For example Split’s airport is actually situated in Trogir, 30 mn drive from Split. You will have the possibility to take a shuttle to the main town from each airport. The price is about 5-6 euros per person.


Food and beverages


At the restaurant

A main course in a restaurant in Croatia will cost you about 10 euros. Expect to pay about 8 euros for an appetizer, 6 euros for a pizza, 3 euros for a dessert, 10 euros for a liter of house wine.

Fast food

During your holiday in Croatia you must go to a fast food to try the čevapi sandwich. It’s a must!

Čevapi are small pieces of ground meat grilled and served in a special kind of bread called Lepinja. They are served with Kajmak cheese or Ajvar (condiment made of bell peppers and eggplant). It will cost you about 3-4 euros.

You should as well know that Croatians are big fans of what they call ‘topli sandwich‘. These are ham and cheese sandwiches served hot, and you can add as many sauces and vegetables as you wish. The price is ridiculous, around 10-12 kunas (about 1.50 euros).

Bars and cafés

In bars and cafés in Croatia, you should expect to pay 1 euro for a coffee, 2 euros for half a liter of draft beer, 2 euros for a juice or a soda, 7 euros for a cocktail.


You can check the price of food and beverages on the web site of Konzum, the largest supermarket chain in Croatia.

Fruit and vegetable markets

The price of fruit and vegetable on Croatian markets vary depending on whether it is the beginning or the end of the season. The first fruits and vegetables of the season that arrive on the market will always be more expensive since the offer will be restricted.
To give you some examples of prices during the season:  about 2-3 euros/kg for strawberries, 1 euro/kg for apples, 1 euro/kg for tomatoes, 2 euros/kg for cherries, 1.5 euros/kg for peaches.


Activities and excursions


National parks

Entrance fees to national parks (per adult per day).

  • Brijuni: 28 euros
  • Plitvice: 25 euros
  • North Velebit: 6 euros
  • Paklenica: 7 euros
  • Kornati: from 20 € to 105 € if you have your own boat / 35-40 € for a day-trip with a tourist agency.
  • Krka: 13 euros
  • Mljet: 13 euros

Scuba diving

If you wish to try scuba diving in Croatia, you should expect to pay about 40 euros for boat diving including equipment rental, and 60 euros for 2 boat diving including equipment rental.

You have never dived and wish to do your diving baptism during your holiday in Croatia? Then expect to pay about 40 euros for such an experience.


Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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