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If you visit North Dalmatia during your vacation in Croatia, you must stop at the Krka National Park situated only 10 km away from Šibenik.

The park is famous for its beautiful waterfalls created on the Krka River by the limestome sediments contained in the water, that created a limestone barrier known as tufa or travertine.

There are two main entrances to the park, one in the village of Skradin and the other one in the village of Lozovac.

To reach the first entrance go to the village of Skradin situated 18 km from Šibenik. If you go by car you can park there, otherwise you can go by bus from Šibenik. Once in Skradin you can take the boat that will take you to the entrance of the park, it will leave you near the Skradinsksi buk waterfall, the biggest waterfall of the park. The boat trip is included in the price of the entrance. In summer the boat leaves at full time, the journey takes about 25 mn. If you prefer to go by foot then you will have to walk 3 km to get to the entrance.

To get to the other entrance you have to go to the village of Lozovac situated 12 km from Šibenik. Follow the signs NP Krka you will see on the road, or follow the signs to the Split-Zagreb highway since the entrance to the park is located nearby the entrance of the highway.
Once in Lozovac you will have to leave your car on the parking of the park, and then take the bus that will take you down to the entrance. The bus ride is included in the price of the entrance.

The good point of entering the park at Lozovac is that you will finish the visit with the biggest waterfall called Skradinski Buk. It’s like the highlight of the show. If you enter at Skradin you will start the visit with this big waterfall and could be a bit disappointed by the rest of the park. On the other hand the boat trip from Skradin is really worth it.

To visit the park you will take the small paths and wooden pontoons that go along the river, giving you a beautiful view on the waterfalls throughout the visit. There is only one way to go so you will not get lost. Count about one hour to visit the park, plus the time you will need to take pictures.

At the end of the visit you can take a swim at the foot of the largest waterfall Skradinski Buk since swimming is permitted there.

From there you will see the remains of the hydroelectric power station that was built and put into operation in 1895, only 2 days after the one created by Nikola Tesla on Niagara Falls! This invention gave to Šibenik the opportunity to receive electrical light long before other European cities like Vienna, Rome or London. The building you can see from there is the Jaruga power plant that was created 10 years later, it is still in operation today.

At the end of the visit you will arrive at a village-museum. It’s like a small typical village made of stone where you will discover the way of life in this part of Croatia. There is a watermill that uses the power of the river to grind the grain, a stone house where you will discover typical objects and learn how to weave wool, as well as a souvenir shop.

If you still have some time to spend in the park, then you could take the boat to reach the islet of Visovac.

It is an islet with a Franciscan monastery from the 15th century. Monks still live there. You can as well visit its museum that has a rich library with several historical manuscripts and rare books.

Take the boat from Lozovac entrance. It will take you 2 hours for the tour including 45 mn to reach the island, 30 minutes of free time on the island, and 45 mn to come back.


Opening hours

July and August: 8 am – 7 pm

June and September: 9 am – 6 pm

April-May and October: 9 am – 5 pm

January-March and November-December: 9 am – 4 pm


Price of the entrance

You will find the prices of the entrance to Krka Natioanl park at National Park Krka website.


Map of Krka


Click on the picture above to view the map of Krka National Park in English

Written in: August 2015


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