Facts you must know about Croatia


1 – Yes, the war is over, since 1995

Croatia is now a new and modern country. You will see very little traces of the war, especially if you stay on the coast or on the islands.


2 – Croatia is part of the European Union

Since the first of July 2013. It still does not use Euro, the Croatian currency is the Kuna.


3 – Croatia is a safe country

You will feel safe in Croatia at any time of day or night, even in bigger towns. Of course it is always better to be careful but honestly we rarely hear about problems of stealing or vandalism to tourists or to their possessions.


4 – Croatia is divided in 2 parts

Did you know that Croatia is a country divided in two parts by the town of Neum in Bosnia-Herzegovina ?

If you go from Split to Dubrovnik by the road, you will have to pass by Neum, a town of Bosnia-Herzegovina which is the country’s only access to the sea. You will pass then twice the border, once to enter in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the second about 10 km later to go back to Croatia. You should pass quite fast the border since the customs officers do not always check the identifications very carefully.

The only way at the moment to go around Bosnia-Herzegovina is to take the ferry from Ploče to Trpanj with In that way you will not leave the Croatian territory.

Croatia is actually working on a bridge that will connect the coast to the Pelješac peninsula, and that will make possible to go around Bosnia-Herzegovina by the road. But even if works have already started, we still don’t know when it is supposed to be finished.


5 – The tie was invented by the Croatians

Yes the tie really comes from Croatia. The Croatian cavalry once used to wear a strip of cloth around the neck. The kingdom of Louis XIII discovered the Croatian tie during campaigns in France, and it was immediately adopted by the court of Versailles. The tie is as well called ‘Cravat‘. Its name comes from the word ‘Croatian’, ‘Hrvat‘ in Croatian language that was so difficult to pronounce in French that they found easier to say ‘Cravat’. That could be a great souvenir from your vacation in Croatia.


6 – In Croatia we round up bills in restaurants and bars

It is a rule that Croatian do respect, so if your bill comes to 48 kn and you give 50 kn to your waiter, do not ask for the change.


7 – The average salary is 600 €

The minimum salary for a job of 8 hours a day and 5 days a week is 1.800 kn, that’s about 250 €. A supermarket cashier earns about 400 €, a waiter about 500 €, you may now understand why they are not always very smiley…


8 – We do speak English in Croatia

If you are an English speaking person (well you should be if you are reading this site… 😉 ) then you should not have any problem once in Croatia. Most of the people in Croatia speak fluently English, most of them speak as well Italian or German.


9 – The Croatian Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit for drivers is 0,50 g/L

It has been 0 g/L during a few years but today it is back to 0,50 g/L.


10 – Movies and Tv shows are not dubbed, but subtitled

This could explain why Croatian are gifted for learning foreign languages. That’s interesting for English speaking persons who wish to go to the movies while in Croatia, since you will watch the movie in original version.


11 – Smoking in Croatia

Smoking is forbidden in all enclosed public places and workplaces including restaurants. Establishments that serve drink but not food can allow smoking if they install a special ventilation equipment, and many have chosen to do so.


12 – The tallest men in the world

Do not worry if you feel shorter during your holiday in Croatia… you do not have shrunk but Croatian are taller than average.
Indeed, the Croatian are on the top of the list of the tallest people on the planet with an average of 180 cm (5 ft 10 in) for men and 168 cm (5 ft 6 in) for women.


13 – Croatian do not kiss but shake hands

In Croatia when we meet someone for the first time we shake hands, but most of the time also if we known this person. This is for sure not very unusual for men 😉 but I am talking here about women, even young girls shake hands when they meet. If they are very close friends then they will hug each other. If they know very well each other then they will first shake ends and then kiss twice (starting on the left cheek). The rest of the time, and this is most of the time, they will just shake hands.


14 – In Croatia we will never ask you for your age

But we will ask you for your year of birth. We actually ask kids or teenagers for their age, but as soon as someone reaches the adult age Croatian will ask for the year of birth… then they just have to do the math.


15 – School’s marks go to 5

In general everybody get 5 🙂 or sometimes 4. I never heard about a kid who got a 3, maybe because it seems like a shame on the family… and to go to the next grade they must get an average of 2.


16 – Croatian fancy academic degrees

Degrees!! What a recognition in the Croatian society to have degrees. That’s the reason why Croatian love to list their academic title in front of their name.

You will often see names following abbreviations as Dr. sc. / Prof. dr. sc. / Dipl. Ing. Sig. / Univ. bacc. Oec indicating the academic achievement of the person concerned.

At the end of a mail, a letter, before the name if the person is interviewed on television… never miss an opportunity!


Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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