The most beautiful sandy beaches



It is true that Croatia is not very famous for its sandy beaches, but more for its rocky coastline and its pebble beaches.

Yet you will be surprised to discover that Croatia counts as well beautiful sandy beaches that are mainly hidden on the islands.

Some of them are little known from the tourists so you will enjoy there the warm and clear sea in a certain peace.




1 – Sandy beach in Šunj, island of Lopud –

If you stay in Dubrovnik you must take a day to visit the Elaphiti Islands. Get more information about day trips to the islands at the harbour in the old town. From there, take a boat to visit the three largest islands in the archipelago during the day: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.

Once on the island of Lopud, have a walk to the Bay of Šunj where is hidden one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in South Dalmatia. Count about 20 minutes walk from the village of Lopud to the beach of Šunj or if you prefer take an electric car ride. It is ideal for children because the sea is shallow. You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas and have some relaxing time at the beach bar.

A part of the beach is reserved for nudism.



2 – Sandy beach in Porat, island of Biševo –

If you spend your holiday on the island of Vis, you have to take a day trip to the island of Biševo to visit its famous Blue cave. Make the visit around noon when the sunlight is the highest and create an incredible blue light inside the cave.

Enjoy the rest of your day on one of the sandy beaches on the island of Biševo, like in Porat or Salbunara. Both are beautiful and are quite similar. Salbunara is a little less crowded than Porat because it’s wilder. At Porat there is a bar on the beach. Because of its situation far away from the coast, the island of Biševo is less visited than other Dalmatian islands. So you can enjoy there a certain tranquility.

It is a must see if you have your own boat.




3 – Sandy beach in Uvala Blace, island of Mljet –

The island of Mljet is known for its lush nature, its lakes and its sandy beaches in the village of Saplunara. So it had to be part of this ranking. In Saplunara you will have no problem to find an accommodation, since so many apartments were built these last few years. Yet the village hasn’t developed, you will find a small shop where you will be able to buy basic products. No restaurants there but you will be able to enjoy the local cuisine prepared by the owners of the apartments.

Yet this is not the sandy beach in Saplunara that I chose as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, but a much less known beach called Uvala Blace. The bay Uvala Blace is situated close to Saplunara but it is  wilder and gives the impression of being at the end of the world. It is located in the southern part of the island, you can go there by car via a path from Saplunara, but you will have to finish the last 100 m by foot. Because of its location it is not crowded and attracts nudists looking to get away from the crowd.




4 – Sandy beach in Saharun, island of Dugi Otok –

For sure one of the best beaches in northern Dalmatia, it is 800 m long and you will enjoy there a pure and transparent water. It is ideal for children because the sea is shallow. A restaurant and bar are located on the beach.



5 – Sandy beach in Lopar, island of Rab –

In Croatian we call it Rajska plaža that means Paradise beach. The island of Rab is famous for its sandy beaches.

Do not expect to be by yourself on the Paradise beach. It is situated in the village of Lopar which is very popular during the summer. At least you’ll have everything you need there: bars, restaurants, sunbeds and umbrella rentals, showers on the beach, and you can practice all kinds of sports activities such as scuba-diving, jet-skiing, pedal boats, beach volleyball …




6 – Sandy beach in Stončica, island of Vis –

The island of Vis, like the neighbor island of Biševo, has many small sandy beaches. The most beautiful is surely the sandy Beach in Stončica located 6 km from the town of Vis. You will be able to enjoy the warm and crystal clear water, but as well have lunch at the famous restaurant Stončica  located on the beach. There is also a beach volleyball court situated on the beach. .


Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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