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The town of Hvar is situated on the island of the same name. This is THE destination of the Jet-Set in Croatia.

You will see there good looking people and luxury yachts. It’s called the Croatian Saint-Tropez but do not expect to find luxury stores here. Hvar is full of simple little shops that give him the charm of a typical Dalmatian village.

Talking about accommodation, you will find there cheap apartements as well as luxury hotels.

Hvar has everything you can wish for.



What to see in Hvar


1 – Main square

The main square with its well dating from 1520 and the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral.


2 – Theatre

The small town of Hvar can be proud to own the very first public theatre in Europe. It was built in 1612.

It is located above the arsenal, the 16th century building where we used to manufactur and repair boats.


3 – Franciscan monastery

The Franciscan monastery is situated 10 minutes by walk from the main square (pass in front of the Riva Hotel and continue along the sea).


4 – Spanish fortress

The Spanish fortress rises above the town. To get there take the small street next to the Loco bar on the main square.

It is not easy to get there, expecially when it’s really hot during the summer, but the view is amazing and really worth it. If you can go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the hot weather.


5 – Agave lace

While going to the fortress you will pass in front of the Benedictine monastery. The Benedictines make a very famous lace using agave leaves.

Agave is a plant similar to aloe vera, you will see many in Hvar.


What to do in Hvar


1 – Party

Hvar is definitely one of the best places to party in Croatia!

So grab a cocktail and join one of the best After beach parties in Carpe Diem, Hula Hula or Splash bars. In the evening enjoy the glamourous and chic atmosphere of Hvar in Carpe Diem bar, later you can party at the Veneranda night club.


2 – A trip to the Pakleni islands

Take the boat at the harbor in front of the arsenal, next to the main square and pass the day on the Pakleni Islands.

St. Clement is probably the most developed of all. Arriving on the island take a trail that will take you to Palmižana bay on the other side of the island. You will arrive in a beautiful bay that has two great restaurants, Meneghelli and Zori.



3 – Luxury and pleasure in Bonj les bains

If your budget allows you, spend the afternoon at Bonj les bains next to the hotel Amfora. It is a beautiful white stone colonnade where you can rent a cabin and a deck chair and enjoy the luxury that surrounds you.

The price of such a luxury will cost you 87 € for 2 persons including 2 deck chairs for the day. To compare it would cost you only 10 € in the rest of the town.



4- Lounge in Carpe Diem Beach or in Laganini

The famous Carpe Diem bar that made the reputation of Hvar has created the lounge bar Carpe Diem Beach on Stipanska island in front of Hvar.
To reach the Carpe Diem Beach take the boat at the harbor next to the main square. It will take you there directly in 10 minutes. You will find there a restaurant, a lounge bar, a swimming pool in front of the beach, deck chairs…
During the summer they organize great parties at night with the best DJ’s.

Another very famous lounge bar on the beach is called Laganini Lounge bar. It is situated in the Palmižana bay on the Saint Clement island. Similar to Carpe Diem beach have a day there to relax, enjoy great food, sea and sun… What else do we need anyway?


Private accommodation and hotel in Hvar


Private accommodation in Hvar

Rent an apartment, a house or a villa with pool in Hvar


Hotels in Hvar

Book a hotel in the town of Hvar












How to get to the island of Hvar


With a vehicle:


Ferry Split-Stari Grad

If you don’t have a car, you should know that buses wait for each ferry in Stari Grad and they will take you to Hvar or other villages on the island as Jelsa or Stari Grad.The crossing lasts 2 hours.

Ferry Drvenik-Sučuraj

The other way to get to the island of Hvar is to take the ferry from Drvenik (between Split and Dubrovnik) to Sučuraj. In this case the crossing lasts only 35 mn. Then count 1h30 hours to reach the town of Hvar on the other side of the island. So  this is the best solution if you are coming from Dubrovnik.

You’ll get more information about schedule and prices of the ferry to Hvar on the site of the Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija.


* If you have a car you better park it in front of the ferry 2h00 before departure, because there is a high demand during the summer and having a ticket does not mean you will have a place in the ferry.


For passengers only:


Catamaran Split – Hvar

In Croatia they call it catamaran, it is actually a fast boat. It will take you from Split to Hvar in only 1h00.

You’ll get more information about schedule and prices of the catamaran to Hvar on the site of the Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija.

You can as well take the catamaran to Hvar with the company Krilo.


Visits and excursions

Hvar is not only about Hvar!

There are some other great places to visit: visits and excursions on the island of Hvar.


Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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