The Riviera of Makarska is a 50 km long pebble beach, a pure and clear sea and small typical Dalmatian villages made of stones.

This is Croatia as you see it on postcards!

Makarska’s Riviera is going from Brela in the north to Gradac in the south.

Its ideal situation between Split and Dubrovnik is perfect for day trips to discover Central Dalmatia, South Dalmatia and the islands.


Living in Split we have the chance to do a lot of day trips and discover the islands, the mountains and villages by the sea. So it’s hard to get bored here. Today we decided to enjoy this beautiful sunny day to go to Brela.

Brela is a seaside village located at the foot of Biokovo’s mountain, 1 hour south of Split and 15 minutes north of Makarska. Brela has 1800 inhabitants.

Brela is known for its pebble beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. In 2004, the American magazine ‘Forbes’ ranked it as the most beautiful beach in Europe and the 6th most beautiful beach in the world! It is the first beach in Dalmatia who received the ‘Blue Flag‘ in 1999 – a symbol of exemplary environmental quality.

Brela is also famous for its rock! A huge rock that lies in front of Punta Rata’s beach and which has become not only a symbol of the village but also a symbol of Croatia.

Once in Brela we were lucky enough to find a parking place in the street by the Hotel Soline, near the sea and the harbour. First stop, a nice terrace to take a coffee. We follow the promenade along the sea that takes us to the harbour, most of the bars in the village are situated there. We chose one with a nice view on the sea, exactly what we need. In this month of May the sea temperature is still a bit cool, only 20 C. Swimming can wait…

In the meantime we go to the mini-market which is situated on the harbour to buy some water (it is 26 C outside). We went then for a walk along the sea going to the North, and we came back by the inside part of the village.

Brela is situated on a 6 km long pebble beach. It’s just perfect for long walks by the sea, enjowing smell of pine and aromatic herbs.

At lunchtime you will have the choice between many restaurants and konobas situated both on the beach and up inside the village. Konobas are restaurants that once had a simple menu with local products such as  sheep’s cheese, smoked ham, anchovies and local wine.

Today many restaurants are called ‘konobas’ even though they have nothing to do with the real konoba.

So we sat on the terrace of a restaurant overlooking the sea, which stands out from the others for the view more than for the menu.

Actually most of the restaurants on the coast that are open for the tourist season from April to October offer the same menu. Expect to pay 6-8 euros for sheep’s cheese or smoked ham as an appetizer, 8-10 euros for a main course and 2-3 euros for a dessert.

In the afternoon we sunbath before returning to Split. There is no crowd on the beach, it is the good thing when you travel during low season. A few persons enjoy swimming in the sea.

If you stay in Brela you will be able to book one-day excursions. For example you can visit the island of Brač in one day or the source ‘Vruja’ near Brela. Vruja is situated at the foot of beautiful cliffs. You’ll see there some bubbling effect on the surface of the sea, caused by sweet water rising from deep down. It’s a system of natural sources, pushing water from deep under Biokovo mountains into the Adriatic sea.

This mix of sweet water and sea water attracts all kinds of fishes looking for food. It is a great spot for diving.

In the past few years hotels have been renovated and today you can stay in 3 and 4 star hotels right in front of the beach.
Of course you will also find there to rent villas with swimming pool, houses, apartments or just rooms.

Written in: May 2014


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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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