Rock climbing in Omiš

Croatia offers many possibilities for the practice of climbing. Whether it is outdoor rock climbing or indoor bouldering.

Considering the practice of sport in Croatia offers much more than basic sports that do not require special physical condition. In Croatia you can practice sports as canyoning, cliff jumping, rafting, sea kayaking, diving and much more.

It’s only 5 months that I have been practicing bouldering (indoor climbing without any rope or safety harness) but it is definetely a sport that I love. It is a physically and mentally demanding sport, it requires strength, endurance, agility, balance as well as mental control.

Rock climbing as well as bouldering require strenght from very different muscles groups. While you are climbing you are improving your upper body muscles as well as your lower body muscles in a very fun way.

In bouldering your trainer willl give you ‘a problem’ or a route that you have to follow to get to the top. While you are climbing to resolve the problem you will get stronger from head to toe.

Let’s mention one more thing, it’s much cheaper to practice climbing in Croatia that in many other countries.

I live in Split and I practice bouldering in Marulianus climbing club situated under the stadium of Poljud, which is Hajduk soccer team stadium. As a club member I pay 150 kunas (20 euros) per month to have access to the climbing center as often as I want. Trainings of 1h30, 3 days a week, with a professionnal trainer will cost you 200 kunas (about 30 euros) per month.

So after 5 month practicing indoor climbing, and the arrival of sunny days, I get convienced by my trainer to spend a day outside rock climbing. There are many places to practice rock climbing in Split where I live, especially on Marjan’s hill. But we decided to go a little further to the town of Omiš. Omiš is situated 20 minutes south from Split and is famous for its beautiful canyon where you can practice rafting, canyoning and of course rock climbing.

Once we arrived in Omiš we took left just after the bridge passing on Cetina’s river. This road took us inside the canyon. We stopped at the rock situated just after the second tunnel. Its called Babina Bara.

Here is a map of the routes you can find there:

There are many other rocks you can climb in Omiš, and in the beautiful sunny day of April there were people everywhere. But there are so many routes that we actually didn’t waist any time waiting. If you have all the equipment you will be able to climb anywhere you wish, in the contrary you can book a one-day excursion with an agency specialised in such activities.

For my first time rock climbing I can say that it is very different from bouldering. Much more difficult for me who is used to bouldering that requires strenght and dynamic movements. Here you will need endurance and to use your legs, and that’s definately not my thing! 

But all in all it’s a great experience and such a nice way to spend the day in the nature, and enjoy beautiful views from the top of the rocks. And a great opportunity to meet people you share the passion for climbing with.

If you ever go to the canyon of Omiš do not miss to visit Radmanove Mlinice. It’s a restaurant by the river of Cetina, surrounded with beautiful nature, and the sounds of birds and water. It’s the perfect place to relax and regain energy after a day climbing.

Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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