Blue cave in Biševo

The island of Biševo is only 6 km² and count 19 unhabitants. It is situated just next to Vis island.

I love Biševo for its beautiful sandy beaches, that are so rare in Croatia. But actually the island is known for its Blue cave. The sunlight enters into the cave through a crack in the rock and creates an amazing blue glowing effect all around the cave.

When you live in Croatia you can not pass in front of a postcard shop or open a magazine about Dalmatia without being dazzled by this unreal blue color. The Blue cave is one of the most beautiful sites in Croatia.

I visited the Blue cave for the first time with friends, after we rented a boat in Hvar to pass a day to discover the island of Vis. Since the island of Biševo is only 5 km away from the island of Vis, we could not miss this opportunity to visit the Blue cave. First of all we went to the small village of Mezoporat on the island of Biševo, and let our boat there. Then a small boat took us to the Blue cave. This is included in the price of the entrance to the cave, that costs 30 kn (about 4 euros) per person. This is compulsory if you come with your own boat, you cannot enter into the cave with it but have to leave it a Mezoporat.

If you do not have your own boat you can of course book a one-day excursion from Vis, Komiža or another port in central Dalmatia. If you book the excursion from Komiža to visit the cave in the morning and a sandy beach on the island of Biševo in the afternoon, count about 120 kn (about 16 euros) per person.

The view from outside the cave has nothing interesting, just an opening in the rock. It is through this opening that we passed with the boat. We were advised to visit the cave between 10am and 1pm when the sunlight is at its peak, and therefore creates a much brighter blue color in the cave. We arrived around 11am.

I have to say that I often get disappointed when I see for the first time a place, or even a movie that everybody talks about as a great deal. Maybe I just expect too much and I am not so impressed at the end. But concerning the Blue cave, I can just said that it was just as I imagined.

When you enter for the first time in the Blue cave, and discover this amazing clear blue water, just like on the postcards, you just want to jump from the boat and take a swim. Unfortunately this Is prohibited because of the crowd in the summer, it could get dangerous. Fortunately, in the middle of July we were alone in the cave, and the captain of the boat gave us a few minutes to take a swim. That was a great experience!

Then we went back to Mezoporat where we got back on our boat and continued to the bay of Salbunara on the island of Biševo, in the vicinity of the cave. The bay has a sandy beach, that is quite rare in Croatia, making it the ideal place to continue a day that started so well.

Written in: July 2015


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Post by: Delphine Pavlak

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